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Tights, baggy sweaters, and coffee.

My Chemical Romance, Tokio Hotel, Breathe Carolina, Mayday Parade, The Black Keys, Paramore, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Lifehouse, Every Avenue, Blink-182, FM Static, Punk Goes Pop, Never Shout Never, Hey Monday, Boys Like Girls, The Summer Set, Simple Plan, Skillet, Hello Goodbye, Metro Station, The Cab, Marianas Trench, Fall out boy, All time low, Green day, The Maine, The Afters.




this guy said “bye” to me and I told him “you too” and I have literally spent the past four hours debating whether or not that was socially acceptable

"Bye" is an abbreviation of "goodbye" which was a contraction of "God be with ye" to which it would be appropriate/grammatically logical to respond "You too" so yeah you’re fine

well then that’s one less thing to be embarrassed about

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in grade 11 i was on the phone w this boy i wanted and i owed him a favour or something so i was like “it can be anything you want” and he was like “anything?” and im like ya thats what i fuckin said and he goes “can you explain to me how a fridge works? like how does it stay cold”

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sometimes I want to listen to soft nice indie music and sometimes I want to listen to heavy metal rock and sometimes I want to listen to hardcore gangster rap and that’s just life

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